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Brixham is a beautiful seaside harbour town situated at the southern end of Torbay, in the English Riviera, on the south coast of glorious Devon surrounded by stunning countryside, and the sea. The steep sided valley rises almost straight out of the harbour and forms a natural amphitheatre facing out to sea. This harbour bowl is traversed and criss-crossed by many narrow, steep and twisting roads and slopes, and by what can seem like an even greater number of long, steep flights of steps! All this adds massively to the utter charm of Brixham, because everywhere the views are spectacular!  However, there are obvious downsides, particularly if you have a disability, that affects your ability to walk, balance, climb steps, manage steep slopes, have a heart condition or have breathing difficulties! 

Therefore, unfortunately, due to its elevated position in the Harbour Bowl, DriftwoodB&B is not suitable for those who are physically impaired - please contact us for more information (01803 858915 / 07711 771462).


Getting around the B&B

The front entrance off Prospect Road enters the B&B on a small landing mid-way between the 1st and 2nd floors. 8 steps down to the 1st floor, and 6 steps up to the 2nd floor.               

Note that stairwells and landings are narrow and as such are unsuitable for walking frames, etc. No storage space for disability equipment.

There are also two flights of stairs between the 1st floor and the Ground floor. 8 steps down to a small landing, and 8 steps from the landing down to the Hall. The last step into the Hall is a particulary deep step. 

Robust stainless steel handrails are provided for support on three of the staircases, with the 2nd floor staircase supported by a solid wooden handrail.

All landings and stairs are carpeted (short pile) 


All four guest rooms have either Superking or Kingsize  commercial  grade Hypnos beds providing luxury, quality and strength. These are big, high beds averaging 70cm (27.5 inces) from floor to mattress topper surface. 

Wall power sockets are 45cm (18 inches) height off the floor (to plug centres).

1st floor bedrooms (Churston & Oddicombe) each have a private balcony with bistro table and two chairs. Access is via the bedroom patio-style sliding glass door. Whilst the bedroom floor and window threshold are level, there is a single step down from inside carpeting to outside composite decking of 15cm (6 inches).

En-suites. Please note that we do not provide any disability equipment inc' bath handrails. 

Elberry (2nd Floor):  Separate double-ended bateau bath in bedroom sat upon a raised platform - having a raised bevelled edge 3cm step between the tiled platform and the carpeted areas. (possible trip hazzard).                                                       

Churston (1st Floor) en-suite:

Bath with shower over. Slip-proof Bath Mat located in en-suite bottom drawer. Tiled floor.

Oddicombe (1st Floor) & Shoalstone (2nd Floor) en-suites:

Walk-in shower with rainfall head. Non-slip shower tray. Tiled floor.

Elberry (2nd Floor) en-suite:

Walk-in shower with rainfall head. Non-slip shower tray. Tiled floor.

Access to Communal Spaces

All located on the Ground Floor. Flooring is a smooth, level, lime-washed waxed oak surface throughout. 

Dining Room:

Accessed via the Guest Lounge - adjacent to the Terrace

Guest Lounge:

Accessed directly from the Hall at the bottom of the stairwell - through the double fire doors. 2x leather sofas provided. A cloakroom & toilet is located by the GF fire escape door (Note that this is "closed" to Guests during the Covid-19 pandemic)

Terrace (outside):

Accessed from the Guest Lounge via the large patio style glass door. Bistro style seating and tables are provided. 

Your shorter, steep walk to the Harbourside

Turn left outside the B&B. After 30m on the tarmac road turn left down Higher Steps. It is the first of two flights of steps to the Harbour

Overall there are 106 steps to negotiate with a mix of step heights and depths. 

Lower section of Higher Steps

At the bottom turn left on to Higher Street. A short, steep tarmac surface.

After 30m turn left down Broad Steps

At the bottom of the steps is Middle Street. Turn left on the tarmac pavement and then down to the Harbourside - by now just a fairly gentle strole some 50m ahead of you.

Remember - you will need to come back up some time! If you can't face it - get a taxi (c.£3)

Pedestrian precints, steps, pathways and alley-ways in Brixham are often a mix of different materials and textures.

Once down Harbourside, around the Quay and all around to the Breakwater and back to Fore Street is relatively flat and predominantly tarmac surfaced.

Your longer, less steep walk to the Harbourside 

Turn right outside the B&B and follow Prospect Rd past our Driftwood garages. Carry on down the fairly steep, narrow hill for approx' 100m (c.109 yards) to the end of Prospect Rd which is a crossroads junction with two little lanes coming in from the right. Follow the right hand lane (straight on) downwards passed "The Tall House" on to Overgang. 

This lane will get steeper and narrower as you go down - watch out for vehicles - many of which didn't mean to go down there!

The lane begins to turn right and becomes a series of steep steps.

You will now see the Fisheries (Fish market and processing) and Rockfish (Restaurant) ahead of you across the road (below you). 

These steep steps are again mix of step heights & depths! They are often uneven, mixed textured suraces.

The last flight of steps are particulary steep & narrow.

When you get to the bottom you will have arrived at the Quayside.

Take care as the adjacent road is busy with tourists vehicles as well as large lorries coming & going from the Fisheries.

Remember - you will need to come back up some time! If you can't face it - get a taxi (c.£3)

Once you're down there, from the Quay, all round the Harbour and all the way to the Breakwater and back to Fore Street  the roads and pathways are relatively flat and predominantly tarmac surfaced - much easier to walk, but also much busier.

 Local Parking

Parking in Brixham is limited due to its geography. Many of the roads in and around the harbour bowl  are narrow, steep, winding and no-through roads. Many also have restricted parking with seasonal timings, residents permit only, double-yellow no parking.

We do have 3 garages (built in the 1970's), but unfortunately only very small sized cars will get in safely! 

Please note: The hard-standing in front of the garages is for Guests to pull up on, on arrival/departure only, for dropping luggage off - not for parking for more than a few minutes.

Free roadside parking (c.9 vehicles) located opposite our garages. These are always in very high demand by local residents, day tourists, rentals, etc and may not be available.

Alternatively, more free roadside parking can usually be found on the next road above ours (South Furzeham), a much longer road. If you park there it’s usually just a 2-3 minutes walk down to the B&B depending upon your level of disability (via steep steps or road).  

If you do get parked roadside it is advisable to leave your car for the duration of your visit to Brixham, and explore the area by walking or public transport (bus, train, boat or taxi). 

When you arrive, pull up in front of our garages, let us know you’re there (phone/text) and we will come up to greet you. 

The central car park (payable) is just below the B&B in town, approx' 3-4 minutes walk, again depending upon your level of disability (via steep steps or road).

The long-stay car park (payable) is located in Oxon Cove down by the Fisheries, approx' 8-10 minutes walk, again depending upon your level of disability (via steep steps or road).

Scan the QR code below to see our “LOCAL PARKING OPTIONS” PDF

Floor Plan & Fire Escapes