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RAF-Red-Arrows-first-display-of-the-season-at-Torb    TORBAY AIRSHOW 1-2 June 2019     

The Torbay Airshow,  held in Paignton, Devon, and very close to Brixham, is a spectacular event that takes place at the start of June every year. The weekend event features breath-taking air displays over the stunning natural amphitheatre of South Devon's beautiful bay. The event attracts spectators from across the country and is well supported by the RAF (including the Red Arrows and the Memorial Flight) as well as top civilian displays. The Torbay Airshow is the first of the major airshow's of the year, and potentially the most impressive in the UK, with the backdrop of some of Devon's best beaches and accessibility to world-class food and activities within walking distance. The Airshow attracts almost 200 000 people to The English Riviera. "Click Here" for more info


back-to-the-40s-v2-1.jpg_1557508327    75th ANNIVERSARY of D-DAY

Brixham and World War 2 (1939-1945)
In 1939 Brixham was a small coastal fishing port with a population of around 8,000. It was radically changed by the War. Over 125 local inhabitants are recorded as killed and many more were injured, disabled or suffered loss and bereavement. Brixham men and women played a vital role in the war effort, in the Land Army, Auxiliary Services, Home Guard, at sea in minesweepers, merchant vessels or arctic convoys, or in the air in fighter or bomber planes. Brixham hosted a large refugee population during the war, mainly refugees from occupied Belgium. The Americans also arrived in numbers from 1943 onwards as the South West had been chosen as the practice ground for the US Forces to prepare for the invasion of France. 

For the D-Day Landings, as part of Operation Neptune, the American 4th Infantry Division departed from our Breakwater Beach for the first beach to be invaded, code named Utah, in occupied France. Landing on the 6th June 1944.

Today we can still recall this period of our history. It is there in our buildings and our streets. So please walk around and visit the exhibitions and displays and enjoy the activities. Take a moment to remember our forebears who served and sacrificed during the 40s. And never forget, we owe them so much for the peace and freedom we now enjoy. So come and enjoy our heritage together. We have arranged a number of exhibitions, displays and activities for all generations to enjoy under our "Back to the 1940s" celebrations of Brixham between 1st and 9th June 2019."Click Here" for more info

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